Bump Key Information


What is a “bump key”?

A bump key is a normal key cut to a specific code which can be used as a lock picking tool in some standard pin tumbler cylinders. Lock picks and pick guns require specialist knowledge to manufacture and use, bump keys are more accessible and easier to use which increases the risk of the otherwise professional technique being used for illegal purposes.

What is the “bumping method”?

The bumping method is a non-destructive process used to quickly unlock some standard pin tumbler cylinder locks through the use of a bump key.

How long has the “bumping” technique been used?

As a part of their job function locksmiths and security professionals have known about and used the bumping technique for many years. Operating within an industry code of ethics and true security professionals do not share such security knowledge with the public. The bumping procedure is now taught, discussed and demonstrated publicly on the internet by hackers outside of the security industry. This publicity has created security and safety concerns which security professionals are now working to overcome.

What is the risk of “bumping attacks”?

Because the bumping technique has become public, less scrupulous individuals may learn to bump conventional style cylinders, causing concern about protection from unauthorised entry. Manufacturers and security professionals began taking immediate action to develop bump resistant methods of security when the technique became common knowledge.

Which locks are vulnerable to "lock bumping"?

Standard pin tumbler cylinders which are not bump resistant are vulnerable to bumping attacks. This includes most residential grade, standard cylinders used in Australia. Bump resistant cylinders are virtually bump proof and therefore are not susceptible to lock bumping.

What should an individual do to provide security against "bumping"?

The Master Locksmiths Association Australasia, Australian and New Zealand Locksmiths Association and the Locksmith Guild of Australia, members all have access to lock-related technical solutions and resources that can mitigate any security threats that bumping may present - Lock Bumping Press Release. Professional locksmiths can provide cost efficient, effective solutions, such as the new Anti-Bump™ technology.

What is the security industry doing to prevent "lock bumping"?

High security locks with bump resistant cylinders are not susceptible to lock bumping making them virtually bump proof. Standard everyday cylinders are now available with magnetic pins and Anti-Bump™ technology making them bump resistant.

What is the easiest way to make residential locks "bump resistant"?

New Anti-Bump™ technology from Kaba Australia is available for most standard residential pin tumbler locks, so you can simply retrofit an Anti-Bump™ cylinder in place of a standard cylinder. Anti-Bump™ cylinders can be coded so you can continue to use your existing keys or you can set up all locks for your home to be Keyed Alike.

What "high security locks" are available for maximum protection?

Kaba experT™ and pExtra™ keying systems provide the highest bump resistant protection for commercial and residential properties, but cost more than the low priced Anti-Bump™ option.

Who to contact to check your locks:

Kaba Key Systems - Certified Dealers

Locksmiths Guild of Australia

Australian New Zealand Locksmiths Association

Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia

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