Simplex 900 Series


The 900 Series Light Commercial / Residential Lock is ideal for surface “rim” mounted applications. The Lock features a low profile external key pad and turn knob. Available in Deadlatch and Deadbolt versions.

The 900 Series’ unique teardrop shape mounts above your existing lock or can be used alone to provide quick, keyless entry for commercial or residential applications.

Features & Benefits

· Easy to maintain - no batteries to replace.
· Durable heavy-duty construction.
· Removable or interchangeable cores
· Optional emergency key override
· Optional unlocked passage feature


Function Options

· [902] Rim Deadbolt, door thickness 35-38mm
· [904] Rim Deadbolt, door thickness 44-54mm
· [917] Rim Deadlatch, door thickness 35-38mm
· [919] Rim Deadlatch, door thickness 44-54mm


· Metal Door Frame Adapter Kit
· Anti Spy Shield

Colour Range:

Standard: Satin Chrome
Custom*: Satin Brass