Kaba pExtra

Gege pExtra
Gege pExtra

The Kaba Gege security cylinder with "Extras" for more security. The patented branch groove cannot be copied with common key milling machines. The optional blocking pin recognises if an illegally made duplicate key or bump key has been inserted into the cylinder. If the branch groove is missing, the blocking pin moves into in the key profile and prevents the cylinder from being turned making it bump proof.


  • Protected by several patents
  • Meets EN 1303 Key Related Security Grade 4, and with the blocking pin Key Related Security Grade 6
  • EN 1303 Attack Resistance Grade 2 (optional)
  • The blocking pin prevents unlocking with illegally produced duplicate keys
  • The patented centering pin prevents opening by the bumping method
  • Protected against picking by an overlapping key profile and special tumbler pins
  • Anti-drilling protection by additional steel security elements in the cylinder housing and barrel
  • Increase of permutation capacity with side elements

Areas of Applications:

  • Offices and practices
  • Apartment complexes and private homes
  • Business and industrial sites
  • Airports, public transport
  • Schools, universities
  • Hospitals


  • Investment security – the master key system can be expanded at any time and can be integrated into electronic locking systems
  • Organisation – the customer determines in the master key system which key opens which door(s)
  • Flexibility – by versatile application possibilities