Atlas System
Atlas System

The ATLAS (Advanced Technology Lodging Access System) is designed to cater for everyone, from small independent hotels to large-scale, full service resorts that need to have a better control over their back office operations. Everyone needs to be able to rely on a system that can provide secure access to their premises and provide accurate historical audit info.

ATLAS easily interfaces with other systems, making it an ideal solution for any hotel operation.

ATLAS, using state-of-the-art technology, is an intuitive client-server based Advanced Technology Lodging Access System for hotel guest and staff access management. ATLAS’ open architecture simplifies integration with existing hotel IT infrastructures and systems. ATLAS conforms to ISO keycard encoding standards and supports a browser-based user interface making it easy to learn and use; and features an unlimited database and system log to monitor staff activities and system operations. Kaba has partnered with IBM, ensuring world-class system reliability and support.

ATLAS: This innovation in locking systems stands for Advanced Technology Lodging Access System. ATLAS has evolved to become an open architecture keycard management system for hotels that need to have a better control over their back office operations and that can rely on a system to provide secure access to their premises and accurate historical audit info.

Target Market
ATLAS targets small boutique style hotels to large-scale, full service resorts, including spa, ski and golf resorts, all inclusive, as well as gaming and casino hotels. Military market is another segment that would greatly benefit from the ATLAS system.

Kaba has partnered with IBM, ensuring world-class system reliability and support.
IBM will supply all of the computer hardware components including the server-based PC (or desktop standard PC), and 15” TFT flat screen monitor.

Compatibility is the watchword for the ATLAS system. ATLAS offers ISO encoding, standard platforms (Windows NT/2000/2003), connectivity (TCP/IP) and infrared communication (IrDA) with electronic locks using PDA-based maintenance unit (M-Unit). This broad-based standardization makes ATLAS an ideal fit for any hotel operation.

Using the most advanced technology available, the ATLAS can exploit current application standards such as .Net/Remoting, DCOM, Winform and Webform, Windows Services and SQL Database.

Lock Compatibility
Kaba made the ATLAS system compatible with the most sought-after electronic locks on the market, Kaba’s Solitaire and Generation E-760 line. Moreover, the Remote Access Controllers (Model 3.5) and the Exit Device Operator E-730 will also work with ATLAS.

The Product Essence
ATLAS is a web based system that can be installed on existing IT infrastructure. It easily interfaces with other systems, uses standard encoding and device support. ATLAS is scalable and can adapt to any size hotel, accommodating one to fifty check-in workstations, up to 16,000 guest rooms and 8,000 suite rooms. It can operate on a single application server/workstation or on a standard Ethernet or Token Ring network, using TCP/IP. It features an unlimited employee database and an unlimited system network log. Its ease of implementation and use are rivaled only by its security and state-of-the-art features.

Client/server-based, ATLAS is simple to implement because there is nothing to install on individual workstations. Encoders can be connected at any workstation, whether at the front desk, the concierge desk or VIP check-in station. The system is OS-independent for the ultimate in compatibility, and it can be integrated with most point-of-sale (POS) and property management system workstations.

With its intuitive Web-based interface, ATLAS is also simple to learn and use. The menu-driven software provides on-screen help so that operators can resolve issues quickly and easily. Plus ATLAS will support a variety of languages, allowing operators to work in the language of their choice.

Convenient and secure, ATLAS uses standard ISO keycard encoding formats, so that off-the-shelf motorized encoders can be used. Wireless locks are programmed and audited using an off-the-shelf, low-cost Palm OS-based maintenance unit (M-unit). This feature is coupled with the security of a proprietary infrared programming module with proprietary encryption.

Keycard encoding is done flexibly on three tracks, in line with ISO standards. Hotels can use tracks 1 and 2 for user data, for interaction with point-of-sale systems, and guests can use their keycards to charge items and services to their room account. Employee keycards can be encoded in batch and then assigned and unassigned individually. The fraud deterrent power of the built-in report templates reduces internal theft while enhancing the access management. The system can be custom-configured with a wide variety of architectures and options which, when combined with a detailed audit trail, can provide the legal backing and deterrent to stop unauthorized access.

The system offers standard keycard functions, such as guest and staff keycards that auto-expire, limited-use keycards, emergency keycards, and guest room, suite and common door keys. For security purposes, previous guest and staff keycards are automatically cancelled when a new keycard is used in the lock