Generation E-760


The Foundation of Your Hotel Security

The Generation E-760 lock delivers unparalleled security and versatility by combining the reliability of the latest electronic technology with the simplicity of traditional mechanics. Simple to install and maintain, it’s the dream system for your hotel administration and your guests will love its reliability and convenience.

Specifically designed for hotels, its physical features include excellent weather and wear-resistance with the elegance of superior finishing. The 100% field-reversible concept, features unhanded lock halves suited for all world standards and the innovative open-insert card reader resists vandalism, spills and abuse.

Heightened security, worry-free installation, easy maintenance, and user friendliness for guests, staff and management alike is emphasized in the dynamic, stand-alone Generation E-760.

Features & Benefits

Designed with Guest Security and Comfort in Mind
· Access control for guestrooms and facilities, as well as back-of-the-house
· Easily replaces mechanical or electronic door locks throughout a facility
· An economical choice for immediate increase in security
· Can be integrated into an existing master key system
· Scalable to specific hotel needs and budget
· No wiring required
· Ease of use for both guests and staff
· Requires only 3 AA batteries
· Compatibility with major PMS vendors
· Operates with keycard in insert motion in open reader slot so foreign objects are easily removed
· Completely field reversible
· Emergency access by emergency keycard, mechanical key or electronic override reduces risks of drilling lock
· Easy & economical upgrade from System 700 Locks to the E-760 System


Colour Range:

Standard: Satin Chrome
Custom*: Bright Brass, Antique Brass