Highest security, combination container lock. Government SCEC approved to the highest level.



Kaba Mas X-10: SCEC Approved to SL4 for use on A, B and B+ Containers and Doors
The Kaba Mas X-0 series is the trusted choice for securing the Australian and US Government’s most sensitive material.The X-0 series was first introduced in 1992 to meet the strict requirements of the US Government’s high security lock specification. It was later released in Australia and approved to “A Class”. Both specifications were the highest security
standard for electro-mechanical locks. The X-10 represents the latest edition to this secure tradition. The X-10 is the SCEC approved SL4 combination lock for use on Class A, Class B and B+ containers and doors.

The X-10 is the only self powered, battery free lock on the market. With its patented self-powered “PowerStar” technology, adopting the X-10 means you will never have to replace a
battery again. The X-10 lock’s digital visual control also minimises the risk of scrambled combinations that are typically associated with analogue type dials. The X-10’s new backlit LCD also allows for accurate and stress free combination changes by providing the user with a secure confirmation of their newly set combination during the code changing operation. These unique features, plus the added 2 year factory warranty, enable you to deploy the X-10 high security lock with confidence.


  • SCEC Approved to SL4 for use on A, B, B+ class containers
  • High security combination lock
  • Self powered, battery free
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Unsurpassed protection
  • Proven performance and reliability
  • 2 year factory warranty


  • A Class containers and doors
  • B Class containers and doors
  • B+ Class containers and doors
  • Type 1 Armoury doors
  • Type 2 Armoury doors